Lawyers Never Lose Their Appeal

This year's Bench & Bar Games saw many firsts. Being held for the first time in Kota Kinabalu and hosted by Sabah, The Eco Games 2002, as the Games was dubbed, also saw Sabah lawyers being allowed to advertise their firms for the first time - thanks to a special clearance granted by the Sabah Chief Minister, Datuk Chong Kah Kiat, himself a lawyer.

And Obiter's winner for the top prize for original apt e-mail address goes to the firm of Marcel Jude Joseph (2000) & Co, whose e-mail address reads:

This appears to be one lawyer (amongst the many we are sure) who believes that with 20-20 vision, there is no such thing as a lost cause!

Men in Black Seeing Red

Competition was tough on the field as much as it was off the field, and passions got heated in the course. We are not just talking about the World Cup 2002 either. Unfortunately, this year's Bench & Bar Games also saw an unprecedented number of red cards having been issued by the referees during the soccer games. Perhaps, it is time for a donation of a Fair Play Trophy to the Games to mellow the tempers.

Or a reminder that aggression, if any, should be reserved for the battles in court rather than on the soccer field.

Running in the Family II

More evidence of family participation has been spotted since the Law Society's commitment as a Family Life Ambassador. This time, the Bench & Bar Games in Kota Kinabalu saw a three-generation contingent; Vice-President Mrs Arfat Selvam was seen with her 4-month old grandson and his parents in tow, at the Veteran's soccer pitch in Kepayan, Kota Kinabalu. The youngster was one of the youngest Singapore supporters - since the inception of the Games in April 1969 - and rumours have it that whilst he gamely survived his maiden flight, it was the antics of the older folks around him that traumatised the poor child.

Having the distinct honour of doing this, quite apart from traumatising the opposing players in the field, was none other than Law Society President, Mr Palakrishnan, SC, with partners-in-crime, former President, Mr Chandra Mohan Nair, and Mr Samuel Dhoraisingam (aka CEO Ms Yasho Dhoraisingam's father). Armed with kompangs, bribed from the Hotel's entertainers, these gentlemen were seen heartily jeering and cheering the opposing and home teams respectively, in a crescendo, until they were hoarse - with swollen palms pounding to the beat of these traditional drums.

Victory was truly drummed in when the Singapore teams rose to the occasion by bringing back The Judge's Cup!

Orders are no doubt already being placed for tablas and gamelans in anticipation of the next Games scheduled to be in Kuching, Sarawak, next year.

The Face of Victory

Actions speak louder than words: so all together now ... ‘Singapore pun Boleh ...’.